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Business of the Month

Iles & Vincent Funeral Services

As Warminster’s only independent funeral director, Iles and Vincent Funeral Services are dedicated professionals, who believe that a funeral director should be someone you can rely on and trust.


Feeling Fabulous

AIM Body Fitness

There are multiple things we can do to improve the quality of our life, and most of it is rooted in taking better care of our health.


Pet Tales

Charismatic Pets

As we hope for better weather we have put together some ideas for keeping your pooch occupied when the weather is too wet or too hot!


Recipe of the Month

Tasty Meal Ideas

This butterflied leg of lamb recipe is fantastic as a summer Sunday lunch. The marinade for this barbecued dish will work well with any type of red meat, poultry or fish


Regular Events

Always Something To Do

Check out all the best regular events, clubs, socities and other goings-on in and around Warminster. If you're looking for a new hobby or interest, or want to meet new people, there is bound to be something suitable in the list.


Places to go

Upcoming Events

A list of upcoming events in and around Warminster. From wildlife walks to theatre events, there is plenty to fill your social calendar. And if you have an event to shout about, email us at with details.


IT Matters

Harling IT Services

The ‘Cookie Monster ’ lurking on every website. Next time one of these pops up whilst browsing, you might want to stop and check exactly what you are agreeing to.


Restaurant and Museum

Visit Hillbrush

Visit Hillbrush launched in April 2017, with delicious locally sourced food and drink, a delightful shopping experience and a unique and exciting brush making museum


Open Days

Whitbourne Farm Lavender

Whitbourne Farm is a small working family
farm set on the beautiful Longleat Estate.
They started growing Lavender a few years
ago as a trial and grow mainly English traditional varieties.